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This course is curated for people who want to begin their Python programming journey and master the fundamentals of Python. It has developed by Ankit Mahato who has spent more than a decade solving various scientific, industrial and ML problems using Python.

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Day #
Light Mode Video
Dark Mode Video
Day 1
Introduction to Programming Languages
Day 2
Introduction to Python
Day 3
Advantages of Python
Day 4
Install Python in Windows
Day 5
Install Python in macOS
Day 6
Execution Modes
Day 7
Interactive Mode of Execution
Day 8
Script Mode of Execution
Day 9
Tokens: Keywords, Literals, Identifiers, Operators, Delimiters
Day 10
Character Set
Day 11
Blocks & Indentation
Day 12
Adding Comments in a Python Code
Variables, Objects & Data Types
Day 13
What are Objects & Variables?
Day 14
Variables & Assignment Statements
Day 15
Built-in Data Types
Day 16
Checking the Data Type of a Python Object
Day 17
Type Casting
Day 18
Mutable & Immutable Data Types
Input / Output
Day 19
How to Accept User Input
Day 20
Displaying Output
Operators & Expressions
Day 21
Introduction to Operators
Day 22
Arithmetic Operators
Day 23
Relational Operators
Day 24
Assignment Operators
Day 25
Logical Operators
Day 26
Identity Operators
Day 27
Membership Operators
Day 28
Expressions - Standard, Chained & Conditional
Day 29
Operator Precedence with Examples
Day 30
Types of Errors: Syntax, Runtime, Logical
Control Flow
Day 31
Introduction to Control Flow
Day 32
Sequential Flow
Day 33
Selection Statements: if .. else
Day 34
Iteration Statements: for, .. in range(), while
Day 35
Jump Statements: pass, break, continue
Day 36
Nested Loops
Day 37
Strings: Introduction & Creation
Day 38
Accessing Characters of a String
Day 39
String Operations
Day 40
Introduction to String Methods
Day 41
Convert Case of Strings using String Methods
Day 42
Check Characters of a String
Day 43
Split a String
Day 44
Strip Characters from a String
Day 45
Checking for Prefix or Suffix in a String
Day 46
Find & Replace Characters in a String
Day 47
Traversing a String
Day 48
What is a Python List? How to Create a List?
Day 49
Accessing Items of a List
Day 50
Modifying a List
Day 51
Removing Item from a List
Day 52
List Operations
Day 53
Traversing a List
Day 54
Built-in Functions that can be used for a List
Day 55
Introduction to List Methods
Day 56
Add Items to a List using List Methods
Day 57
Remove Items from a List using List Methods
Day 58
Count or Locate Items in a List using List Methods
Day 59
Sort a List or Reverse a List using List Methods
Day 60
How to Copy the Contents of a List
Day 61
Join or Merge Items of a List
Day 62
Nested List - Creation, Traversal, Iteration
Day 63
List vs Tuple. How to Create Tuple? What is a Singleton?
Day 64
Accessing Items of a Tuple
Day 65
Traversing a Tuple
Day 66
Tuple Operations
Day 67
Built-in Functions that can be used for a Tuple
Day 68
Locate, Count Items in a Tuple using Tuple Methods
Day 69
Join or Merge Items of a Tuple
Day 70
Nested Tuples in Python - How to Create, Access & Use them?
Day 71
Understanding the Immutable Nature of Tuples
Day 72
What is a Dictionary?
Day 73
How to Create a Dictionary
Day 74
Accessing Items (Key:Value) of a Dictionary
Day 75
Update Items of a Dictionary
Day 76
How to Remove Key:Value Pairs from a Dictionary
Day 77
Dictionary Operations
Day 78
Traversing a Dictionary - Directly & Using Methods
Day 79
Built-in Functions that can be Used for a Dictionary
Day 80
Creating a Copy of a Dictionary
Day 81
Creating & Using a Nested Dictionary
Python Standard Library
Day 82
Python Standard Library: An Overview of Built-in Functions
Day 83
Built-in Mathematical Functions
Day 84
Built-in Base & Unicode Functions
Day 85
Python Standard Library: What are Built-in Modules?
Day 86
math Module - Functions & Examples
Day 87
random Module - Functions & Examples
Day 88
statistics Module - Functions & Examples
File Handling
Day 89
File Handling in Python - Introduction & Overview
Day 90
Text Files vs Binary Files - Use Case, File Formats, Examples
Day 91
Opening Text or Binary File in Various Modes & Closing a File
Day 92
Sequential & Ad Hoc File Reading
Day 93
Writing a File
Day 94
Reading & Writing Binary Files using pickle Module
Day 95
Reading & Writing a CSV File using csv Module
User Defined Functions, Modules & Packages
Day 96
User Defined Functions
Day 97
Scope of Variables: Local Variable vs Global Variable
Day 98
Passing Objects of Mutable Type to a Function
Day 99
What is a Module? How to Create a Module?
Day 100
What is a Package? Introduction to PyPi. How to Create a Python Package?
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